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Tuesday, 07 February 2012 22:30

Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Marketing Plan Featured

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Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Marketing Plan


A marketing plan is a written paper which explains the way to advertise or market. The second definition is that it helps us to Cleary appreciate that its a invention specific, or a business broad plan to give a description about activities concerned to achieve a goal within a given duration of time .Through a marketing plan patients will be able to get information about the experts available to various diseases and also, the services that they can get in health care centers when they get sick.

There are many reasons as to why health care practice needs a marketing plan. Not for the benefits of financial gains only but, there many more. first reason it to increase your incomes as well as build a good reputation to your clients based on the services that you provide to them. This highly helps to attracts patients since they have confidence in your services. The second reason is to expand you patient base. This will increase the number of patients that visit your hospital every day to seek medication. The third reason is to put off competition from other competitors by proving that your services are the best through enhancing quality in your services. The other reason is to improve your practice image to your patients and the community at large. The other reason is to promote present and new services to the patients this helps to improve the quality of services offered.
Futher, introducing new providers in the health care who will ensure that all sorts of health care problems have been taken care of and patients can get any form op medication which is effective. In addition, marketing plan will help the health care practice to enter a new market place by gaining the confidence of a large number of patients thus expanding the market share.It is also very important to have the right staff that are qualified willing and able to support you in your marketing paln.Staff forms the input of work in any health care practice.Therefore, it is necessary to have personnel who are ready to assist you in implementation of a marketing plan. The three necessary considerations described in the video are making an investment to in order to make sure that you execute your marketing plan effectively. In marketing two different risks for instance it can be financial risks whereby, you may invest a lot of your money without any returns. More so, one may be at a risk of painting a bad reputation to the public if your marketing plan is not well designed and delivered to the expectation of the people.
Marketing involves a daily routine thus a lot of determination should be put while implementing a marketing plan so that set goals can be achieved. Focus is very important since, it serves as a guiding factor in any marketing plan. From the video there are three different strategies on marketing plans which are: marketing; this strategy involves sharing ideas with the current patients and getting information from them. External marketing: This involves convincing prospective clients that you offer the best services thus attracting them to source for your services.
Professional referral marketing. This is a technique of promoting your services in order to win the confidence of your prospective clients.I would first set my strategic goal which I intend to achieve in marketing plan. This strategic goal is very important since it will guide you in achieving the objectives that you want in your marketing plan. This would be followed by an extensive research in order to get information about the health care practices and the way to go based on my marketing plan. Through research I will be able to get very important information that will help me in making various decisions. The second thing is a market audit which will help me to understand how the market for health care practice is performing, interms of the increasing need for healthcare services.
The prices charged for specific diseases that highly affect people in that area, ways on how to improve health care services to the people in terms of meeting their needs in a cost effective manner. is very important to determine your target audiences that will that you need your services in your marketing plan. You must get information about the kind of services or the product that you want to bring.
In addition, it’s very important to determine whether it’s in the rural areas or in towns. People in some rural areas cannot afford some products.When coming up with a marketing plan it is very important to have a budget on the amount of money that you are required to spend in marketing and the returns that you expect from the marketing plan. This will to know the amount of money that you will spend in a marketing plan.


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