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Friday, 03 February 2012 12:43

The Reality of the Facts: Neat vs. Sloppy People Featured

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The Reality of the Facts: Neat vs. Sloppy People

The essay takes a critical look at the main difference between the neat and the sloppy people. The essay points out that the main difference between the neat and the sloppy people is the moral perspective. The essay is meant to be an eye opener to the otherwise stereotypical society that sees the sloppy individual as a lazy person and the neat person as more organized and focused in life.

Britt points out that in the real sense and contrary to majority opinion, “the sloppiness is merely rectitude, the unfortunate consequence of their morals in real sense the sloppy people have focus and vision in their lives. “They have a heavenly vision, a precise plan” (Britt, 2005). This description is eye opening to readers who have always associated sloppiness in an individual with laziness. Though the sloppy person appears outwards lazy he is full of ideas and workable solution to issues.
The sloppy person is not lazy he just loves to procrastinate. He can also be seriously involved in though on how to improve their lives, “they plan to organize their rooms, plan to file their personal files” (Britt, 2005) unfortunately with so much to do, the sloppy person does not have the time to actually do any of what he had planned to do. The sloppy person is therefore not lazy, he has a plan to better his life, plan to move forward. The problem comes when he actually lacks the time to implement his plans and ideas. Due to lack of time the sloppy individual comes off as lazy, untidy and disorganized. The essay brings out the sloppy person as keen.
The sloppy person will not merely part with anything. He has to go through each paper before disregarding it as trash. The description of the neat person brings forth the neat person as lazy. Instead of organizing his or her clutter, he will prefer to dispose the items “they are incredibly wasteful” (Britt, 2005). The neat person is neat because he does not keep clutter. He prefers to dispose his items and purchase new other than clean up, he prefers to sell his furniture when relocating rather than make arrangements on how to move the old furniture. They do not save left over or store for future use but dispose.

The neat person is on the other hand lazy. Britt’s essay takes us to another new level that we as readers had no keenly looked at. Ordinarily we hold the assumption that an individual that is neat is hardworking and organized. Everyone in the society likes to be associated and categorized as neat. However, Britt’s analysis of the neat person gives us the readers another new perspective. According to Britt’s, the neat person is more of paranoid than normal. Anything that collects dust is disposed instead of cleaned. They are demonstrated as impatient eager for results and no particular interest in the process of acquiring the result. The neat person appears to be more wasteful as he operates on the principle of “never handle any item twice, throw away everything” (Britt, 2005).

From the essay, then it is preferable to be referred to as sloppy than neat. The sloppy individual is not lazy but merely procrastinate his tasks and duties. The neat individual on the other hand is downright lazy; he cannot clean or organize his items. He prefers to dispose them and purchase new items when the need arises. The wastefulness of the neat individual is unimaginable as this is what makes him appear as neat.

The author wrote this essay so as to change the perspective of the readers and the society at large that always had a negative attitude towards the apparently sloppy people. The sloppy people are not lazy, they make plans to get organized and have ideas. From the reading readers will actually prefer to be associated with the sloppy individual than the neat individual who is in the real sense lazy.

The neat person appears to be too focused on controlling his surroundings such that he does not have the time to enjoy the life as it is. By the sloppy person enjoying life to the fullest he has to be easy on paranoid neatness and organizations. Letting the external organizations to be at a mess every once in a while makes life more interesting and spontaneous and fun. Fun in life means keeping close the family momentos; keeping the postcards for the past birthdays in memory of those we love (Britt, 2005). Since the neat person is focused on perfection, they cannot enjoy these memories due to the tendency to dispose everything.


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