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Tuesday, 06 November 2012 08:17

Terryberry Featured

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Terryberry, K. J. (2005) Writing for the health professions. New York: Delmar Learning

In Chapter 8 of the book, Terryberry, (2005) explains the process of evaluating source material. This may also be termed as the process of research and gathering sources for writing a research paper or article. The aim of this section of the book is to shed light on the process of data gathering and some of the sources where one can obtain information for writing an article. This book will be extremely useful to my research and process of writing the art article because it will serve as a guide to evaluating and gathering reliable information sources. Among the key limitation of this book is that the authors have given general information for writing an article on health. They have failed to take into account the fact that different articles on different topics and disciplines may require unique format and process of gathering data and information.

According to the findings and conclusions drawn by Terryberry, (2005)  among the various sources available for research are reference works, library books, government documents, periodicals, interviews, and electronic sources such as databases. It is essential for any professional and academic writers to understand the process of evaluating the source material to find for reliability and authority. Therefore, future research should focus more on the process of evaluating information sources for reliability. This work will fit into my research because it will give direction to gathering of reliable information sources. It will also serve as a guide to evaluating different information sources to bee used for writing the art article.

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